While setting up the blog, I ran into my usual “omg what do I call it?!?!?” dilemma.  I’m not… entirely happy with the name as it stands, but I’m not exactly sure where else to take it.

I didn’t choose it to stand for “omg that ~steadfast woman~ always standing in her place blah blah blah” because that’s bullshit enforcing gender norms.  It’s more along the lines of “a woman, steadfast in her fight for equality and rightness in the world.”  It’s still a little squidgy, though.

I’m concerned that people will see the site name and take it in exactly the wrong direction.  I know I can’t police people’s thoughts, nor can I prevent them from thinking what they want to think, but it’s still troublesome to me, given what I’ve seen people capable of thinking.

So, all this to basically say, “if you have name suggestions, please comment!”